Weekend guide to Turin

Weekend guide to Turin

Yipeee and hello guys!

The boyfriend got some massive brownie points recently with a surprise trip to the lush Italian city of Turin (it only took several years of hints!).

Turin is a gem for anyone who fancies a mix of historic culture and leisurely dining. Plus it doesn’t have the large tourist crowds you normally get in cities such as Rome and Venice. This place has a ‘local’ feel to it – everyone spoke to us in Italian which I loved. Tip: make sure you know some basic Italian phrases before you visit.

What’s great about visiting Turin is that your trip can be moulded to fit whatever your travel needs are. Somewhere to refresh and recharge – check. Museum hunting – check. Wanna hit the latest Italian fashion – done.

Since I love creating an itinerary, here are my top things to do for a weekend in Turin:

Basilica di Suprerga

Head here for sweeping views of the city and the surrounding mountains. The Basilica di Superga is an impressive chirch built in only 14 years in 1717. You can walk around the general grounds for free but for €7 you can visit the Royal Tombs, the Royal Apartment and climb to the top of the church to see even more impressive views. To get here catch a tram (no.15) to the end of the line and from there ride a vintage cog-driven train to the top of a very very tall hill (€6 return). If you want to save yourself a few Euro’s there are walking trails down to the bottom of the hill. I always fancied myself as a great hiker but boy was I proved wrong. We chickened out 5 minutes down the steep hill and went back up to catch the train!

Mole Antonelliana

Ride up an 85 metre lift to the top of Mole Antonelliana tower for more panoramic views of the city. It costs €8 for the lift and more if you choose to visit The National Cinema Museum in the bottom part of the building.


Turin is a great city to pick up some Italian

Turin shopping

style points. The shopping in Turin felt comparable for me to the shopping in Milan. Head out from the main square (Piazza Castello) on to Via Roma where there is a mix of high street fashion and the more expensive designer shops.

Parco Del Valentino

turin park

This park is a cute place to grab some food and drink and head to a spot by the river and relax in the Italian sunshine. You can also choose to wander through the botanical gardens or glance within the small medieval castle and explore the courtyard.

Egyptian Museum (Museo Egizio)

Are you into dead people? It’s cool if you are, I am too! They have several mummies on display at the Egyptian museum. They go in to detail about what their lives were like and the mummifying process. There’s a lot more to this

museum than mummies, in fact, there are several large floors worth of ancient artefacts. I literally got lost in there for a good half an hour! €15 entry into the museum which includes a fee audio guide. FYI, the short version of this guide lasts for an hour.

The Shroud of Turin

Within the cattedrale Di Torino is the Turin Shroud. The church strongly implies that the shroud (or cloth) is the same one which rested over Jesus’ crucified body. Therefore the face visible on the cloth is said to be the face of Jesus. Make of this what you will, there’s lots of theories on this shroud and it’s timeline elsewhere on the internet. Fact: the real shroud is hidden for protection from the sun and dust etc. The shroud is not scheduled to be displayed again until 2025. Currently within the Cathedral is an enlarged image of the shroud.

If that talk about crucifixion was getting little heavy, here’s a picture of me posing next to some graffiti in the centre of Turin…

Now down to food!

  •  Best sandwich shop – La Mangetoja. They say they have the longest sandwiches in Turin and to be fair they were huge and sooo juicy! You know this place is good when there is a long queue of locals waiting.
  • Best steak – La Casa del Demone. If you want a meat feast this is the place to go, we had a few different types form the menu and they were all yum. A word of warning, the interior design is pretty wacky. As in, haunted pictures and skeletons dotted around. It’s entertaining at least.
  • Best ice-cream – La Romana. I came back twice for this ice-cream it was so damn good. Every time it was busy which speaks volumes. The lemon and berry ice-cream was delicious and you could taste the realness in the flavours.

I basically spent the whole long weekend eating, walking, eating, drinking, walking and eating again. If you want a trip which is laid-back, some casual sightseeing with great food and drink thrown in to the mix, this is a great place to visit.
Thinking of going to Turin? Let me know if you have any idea’s or questions. Happy to help!


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