This is what happens when you ditch your bra…

When you ditch the bra

Isn’t it the nicest feeling when you get home from a long day out, change into your comfort clothes and whip the bra off?!

Well a few months ago I had a couple of weeks off work so I embraced the boob freedom and didn’t wear a bra at all during this time. I loved it. It got me thinking though, are they worth it? I remember as a teenager finally wearing my first bra and feeling grown up and cool wearing it. Not wearing one didn’t feel like an option, it was just the norm and so I never questioned it.

I was under the impression that bras are meant to prevent your boobs from getting saggy. So I got my geek on and looked in to the actual scientific evidence and research behind whether this was true.

Here’s the shocker (or at least it was to me!)… Turns out that bras DO NOT prevent boobs from sagging. In fact, the opposite is true – those that don’t wear bras have perkier breasts.

There’s one main big study specifically looking in to the effects of bra’s and it found no benefits of wearing a bra. To work this out they comparing women (between 18-35 years old) who wore a bras, with those who did not wear bras. They measured changes in the breast tissue of these women over a 15 years. They found that women who did not wear bras = perkier breasts (higher nipples), less stretch marks and firmer breasts. It suggested that not wearing a bra helps by strengthening and ‘working out’ the breast muscles.

In case you’re wondering, this was true for all sized boobs (including the larger ones). Not sure about you but this has definitely made me re-think the idea of wearing bras.

Hold up! There’s one time where wearing a bra seems to be really important and that’s when exercising. This is an area where there is quite a bit of research and they show a similar thing. That when exercising, breast jiggle and even more so when not wearing a bra. This seems common sense. Plus the fact that women can experience breast pain when exercising suggests that it may be damaging. The evidence the breast tissue stretches significantly if not wearing a proper sports bra and this may make sagging over time more likely.

The best type of sports bra to prevent movement (and sagging) is an encapsulation bra. A lot of the trendy sports bra and crop tops work by compress and holding-down the breasts. Encapsulation bras, such as this , this or this, work by supporting each breast in a separate cup (which is best to reduce movement).

Soo what do you think – any plans to cut down on the bra wearing? I’m going without a bra probably over half the time and its fab.

This is what happens when you ditch the bra



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