One MAJOR Tip to Succeed at Your New Year’s Goals!

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Hey lovely readers.  

Have you made any New Year resolutions? How are they going?

They can be pretty tough right! I totally get it, we start the year motivated, focused and with a solid plan in place. But then life goes on, we go back to work and it’s easy to get distracted in everyday life and lose that initial motivation. Heck, credit to you if you’re still nailing you’re goals. Maybe you could share your tips in the comments 😉

We’re nearly at the end of January now and no matter where you’re at with your New Year’s goal, you chose it for a reason and to make some positive changes to your life. Now is a good time to assess where you’re at with your goals. Why did you choose them? Are they going well? Could it be going even better?

To give yourself the very best chance of success in achieving your goals, there’s a few tips and tricks you can do. One method is to create something called SMART goals. SMART goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound and are a way to create and describe goals.

Get the deets on SMART goals

Specific: Making a goal that is specific is all about visualising and being clear and concise on what your goal is. Let’s say we set a goal to be healthier… it sounds great right?! But break it down even more. What does being healthier mean… physically healthier, eating better, exercising more? Mentally healthier? Healthier relationships? Or all of these! Try to picture what life would look like if you achieved this goal. You could make it more specific by saying that you want to go to the gym 3x a week or to go meat free 2 days a week. When we get vague about our goals, our motivation can get a bit vague too. So being as specific as possible and knowing exactly what we want to achieve help us to plan to succeed in these goals.

Measurable: The key thing here when making your goals is to ask yourself “how will I know when I’ve achieved my goals?”. For example, let’s use the above example that you want to get healthier. Maybe it’s to lose a certain amount of weight or to lower your body fat percentage. In which case, how will you know whether you are healthier and how will you measure or test this? In this case, it could be something simple like weighing yourself weekly or counting how many pieces of veg you have eaten in a day. If we’re winning at our goals and achieving, we wanna know about right! – which takes us on to the next tip…  

Achievable: Part of why to-do lists are so successful is because it feels so damn good to draw that big tick next to your goal and ‘ticked’ it off the list. It’s quite well-known in psychology that rewards and praise work better to continue a behaviour than punishment. Making goals which are achievable is similar to the to-do list idea. The key thing here is to identify goals which are physically possible for you to achieve. Following the example of the getting healthier goal… it’s not achievable for me to go from doing zero pull-ups to suddenly being able to do 10 pull-ups in the gym in the space of a week (I’m trying to do this now, but giving myself 3 months *fingers crossed*!).

Realistic: Me suddenly now starting a career as an astronaut is, sadly, an unrealistic goal. The reason why it’s not realistic is because it doesn’t fit in with my life right now. Maybe if I totally dedicated myself to this, earned a new science degree and I dunno, learn to fly! Then who knows, it might be possible. But I don’t have time to realistically do these things. Plus there’s bills to pay and I’d rather spend my time with family and friends or travelling. I’m prioritising these things over becoming an astronaut. This is about finding that balance and knowing that whilst some things might be physically achievable, it’s important to ask yourself “is it realistic” to achieve that in your life. It’s kinda like a sanity check for your goals. If it’s not realistic, what can you do to make it smaller and more manageable so that it does feel more realistic?

Time-bound: This is all about setting deadlines. If you’re anything like me, I need a deadline to feel some urgency or pressure to actually complete something. Otherwise, it becomes tomorrows problem and it can just be put off and off. Let’s get organised and set a date that you want to complete your goal by!

It doesn’t hurt to give them a go right? Have you tried anything like this before? Do you find them helpful? I’d love to hear from ya!


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