Last minute Christmas gift idea’s (which you can still buy on Christmas Eve!)

Last minute Christmas gift idea’s (which you can still buy on Christmas Eve!)

I’m a bit of a last minute diva and Christmas present shopping is no different.

I know Christmas is coming (it happens every year!), but I still end up doing the present shopping right at the last minute. There’s something about needing the stress and pressure of a deadline to kick your arse into gear. Otherwise there’s no sense of urgency and the task just gets left for another day.

Part of the reason why I think I don’t buy Christmas gifts until the last minute is that I want to make sure the gift is personal and that the other person will genuinely like it. It can take a while to be creative and research what to buy someone. But another reason why I leave things so late is because I kinda get away with it! Over the years I have come up with a strategy which I can use to buy someone a good gift, even if it’s Christmas Eve.

I’m gonna share my tops tips and present ideas for gifts you can still buy on Christmas Eve. I hope someone out there finds these useful.

Subscription boxes

Are they a Gin lover? Beauty junkie? Foodie? There’s a subscription box out there for everyone. Find one you think they’ll like, decide how much to spend or how many months to buy them, order it and you can arrange for the box to be sent straight to their home. Just print or write out a note or voucher for them saying what you’ve ordered for them and place it in a card. Subscription boxes which I’m loving right now are:

  • I Love Gin – a selection of new gins and tonics are chosen every month and sent to your chosen address (£14 per month).
  • Look fantastic – for £13 a month, you get a box of at least 6 luxury beauty products sent in the post. This can be ordered as a 1, 3, 6, and 12 month subscription.
  • Lifebox – this ones for the foodie’s out there with a selection of healthy snacks and drinks sent out monthly.


If you’re out of time to collect a physical gift, why not buy them an activity or experience so that they can create fun new memories. For example, you could look into buying them tickets for:

  • the theatre
  • the local comedy bar
  • restaurant voucher

Red letter days is an online company which specialise in gifted experiences. This is a good place to look if you’re in need of inspiration. The downside if that this type of gift option can be a little pricey.

Gift cards

I know this sounds like a bit of a boring gift, but if you really are stuck and don’t know what to buy someone, buy them an Amazon gift voucher. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have an Amazon voucher and be able to buy myself something which I actually like, rather than a random thoughtless gift.

Magazine subscription

Do they have a hobby, interest? For example, maybe they’re in the middle of learning a new language? In which case you might find a magazine that fits their needs (like an Italian newspaper if they’re studying Italian). There’s a couple of magazine subscription website, but I’ve used Newsstand before and they’re pretty good and flexible. Just write or print a voucher which says what you’ve bought them and place it in a card.


Supermarkets are normally the last shop to close on Christmas Eve, so if you want to but someone a physical present, why not head here and make a personalised hamper for them. Head to your largest local supermarket and find a basket, a nice box or sturdy gift bag. Next, think about what sort of treats they like, head down the aisles and buy some food or drink items for them. Buy some sweets or chocolates, maybe a nice bottle of wine, fruit mix or nuts etc and place them in the bag. Bonus points for individually wrapping the items. Having more gifts to unwrap is always better.

Beauty bag

I love this gift idea for the women in your life. Buy a large make-up bag and similar to the hamper idea above, head to your local large supermarket or pharmacy, wander to the beauty or make-up aisle and fill the bag with individually wrapped beauty or make-up items. You could add some body lotion, moisturiser, shower creams, hair products, make-up, nail polish, razors. I personally love this gift because you can personalise what you gifts you buy and you can do this idea on almost any budget.

Phew, I hope that’s helpful for any last minute panicked gift buyers out there. Do you have any other tips or last minute gift ideas? Let me know in the comments xx

Disclaimer: this post contains gifted samples, but as usual, I only recommend products I love. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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